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Promotion in the Midst of a Pandemic

If you had told me a few months ago that the entire world would change, I would never have believed it. We enjoyed a month of travel in mid-December. There was Orlando and New Orleans, the drive across the Florida Panhandle. There was a second trip to Orlando in late January, sunshine in the Virgin Islands, boat rides with extended family. Meanwhile, an extremely contagious virus was just starting its churn through the US.

That time feels like a hundred years ago. In what felt like the whiff of a week, schools and businesses shuttered, we became gravely concerned about an imminent and devastating loss of life, our economy spiraled, and we all had to separate from each other, to socially distance inside our homes.

In the midst of all of this, I dropped the Kindle price of All the Hidden Pieces. Many of us have suddenly found ourselves thrust into the roles of homeschooler, physical education teacher, argument arbitrator, chef, dishwasher, constant housekeeper, and the list goes on. But for some people who can carve out the time for an escapist suspense read while they self-quarantine, I wanted to make the book as cheap as Kindle Select would allow.

I'm so grateful to be featured as's Author of the Day.

Thanks so much to the folks at ManyBooks for featuring me. It is truly a bright flicker during a difficult time.

In this era, I wish I could offer some medical expertise, that I owned a sewing machine and could stitch together masks, that I had a stash of PPE I could lend out. It seems trite but what I can offer is the ability to write. My sons and I have spent hours crafting cards and letters to residents of senior nursing homes who are isolated from their friends and families. And I dropped the price of my book for anyone who's stuck inside and wants a quick read.

To anyone reading this, I wish you health and safety, and I long for the day when we're all outside, enjoying the comfort of each other and all the brilliance that the future has in store.

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