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All The Hidden Pieces

One September morning, the Carpenter family receives a phone call.  Within minutes, they pack up all of their belongings and disappear. 

Detective Roberta Hobbs has been assigned to the case...but her role becomes murky when her longtime ex-boyfriend emerges as the most obvious suspect.

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Movie Stars Shine Brightest in the Dark

This book begins with the sudden death of a major movie star. Who chased Cecilia Cinvenue off of a cliff? And what was she doing in a remote St. Louis town?

Detective Roberta Hobbs is assigned to lead the case, and Hobbs soon finds herself caught in the maelstrom of twins and turns, with shifting suspicions about who could have done it. This novel takes us through both of the women’s stories – Cecilia’s in a past-tense narrative beginning with her mother’s aspirations, and Hobbs’ in present-day as she tries to get to the bottom of the case. It is a suspenseful page-turner, layered with character-focus and family drama. And the ending will leave everyone surprised.

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